Sign the Harvard, IL Petition

On May 16, the Harvard School Board will decide what school bus company to do business with for the 2018-2019 school year. Why does this matter? Because the lowest bidder was Durham School Services – a company with a crash rate that is 25% higher than competitors.

Six children died in an accident on a Durham bus in Chattanooga, TN because of the company’s reckless disregard for safety.

We can’t let that happen here in Harvard. The national Stand Up for School Bus Safety coalition is calling on members of the Harvard community to sign on to a letter to the school board urging them to put safety first when awarding the contract.

Add your name now – before the May 16 school board meeting – to keep Harvard kids safe.


Dear Harvard School Board:
As you consider who to hire to transport your school children, we wanted to share our concerns about your current school bus contractor, Durham School Services.

In 2016, six children in our community of Chattanooga, Tennessee lost their lives in a preventable accident on a Durham bus. Leading up to the accident, Durham ignored and failed to address complaints from parents and school officials in Chattanooga. And even in the face of such tragedy, Durham has failed to clean up its act. A recent study showed Durham and its parent company face a 25 percent higher crash rate than competitors.

The safety of children should come first, and we want to ensure the tragedy that happened in Chattanooga doesn’t happen anywhere else. That is why we are working with communities across the country to inform and educate school boards.

We applaud the many parents in Harvard that have joined our coalition and are urging you to hold Durham accountable. On May 16, you have the opportunity to do just that and we urge you to think of the safety of your children and the risks associated with having Durham School Services transport them to and from school.

Sincerely, Members of the Chattanooga Stand Up for School Bus Safety Coalition