Rockwood School District – Eureka, MO


A bus caught on fire with dozens of students aboard and Durham management had no answer for how it happened or could be prevented from happening again. On December 5, 2016, a bus carrying 36 students home from school caught on fire on a busy highway. The bus driver quickly pulled over and the bus was engulfed in flames only moments after he had evacuated the last student. Fortunately, only four students were treated for minor injuries.


To this day, Durham hasn’t answered tough questions about how such an incident could have occurred and could be prevented in the future. Though the local superintendent called for an investigation, Durham has yet to release the results of its internal inquiry, merely saying publicly that a “mechanical failure” was to blame. Greg Cain, General Manager of the local division of Durham in which the incident occurred, came up blank when asked how a school bus could simply catch on fire on the highway. Until Durham makes a full accounting of how this happened and its plan to address the factors that led to this potential tragedy, parents in the Rockwood School District won’t have any assurance their children are safe on Durham buses.


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