Sign The Alum Rock, CA Petition

Right now, Durham School Services provides school transportation for Alum Rock school district – a school bus company with a crash rate 25% higher than competitors.

Six children died in a preventable crash on a Durham school bus in Chattanooga, TN because of the company’s disregard for safety.

We can’t let this tragedy happen in Alum Rock. That’s why on June 14, Stand Up for School Bus Safety – a coalition of parents, bus drivers, school administrators, and more – is mobilizing to attend the Alum Rock School Board meeting.

Sign our letter to the school board urging them to investigate Durham’s safety record in our community. It’s time to hold our school board – and the school bus company they contract with – accountable to our kids!

Alum Rock, CA

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Dear Alum Rock School District Members:

We are writing to express our concerns about your current school bus contractor, Durham School Services. We believe that Durham is putting children in danger around the country because of its cavalier approach to safety and bus maintenance and we are concerned about students in our community.

We don’t make this accusation lightly. You may be aware that in 2016, six children in Chattanooga, Tenn. lost their lives in an accident on a Durham bus. Leading up to the accident, complaints from parents and even school officials went unaddressed by Durham. On May 22, the NTSB issued a report stating that Durham’s lack of oversight contributed to the accident.

Durham has a documented track record of disregarding safety concerns in Chattanooga and school districts across the country, sometimes in breach of its contract with those school districts. What’s more, a new report based on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data finds a significant gap between the safety records of Durham and its subsidiaries compared to their largest competitors. Nationally, Durham School Services has a 25% higher crash record than its competitors.

The Stand Up for School Bus Safety is a coalition of parents, educators, local elected officials, students and drivers from across the country, including in Alum Rock, who are united by one singular belief: the safety of our children should come first. We urge you to look into Durham’s record and hold the company accountable to standards that put the safety of Alum Rock kids first.

Sincerely, Members of the Stand Up for School Bus Safety Coalition