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School buses take millions of children to and from school every day. In many of our communities, those buses are owned and operated by private companies. Parents put their trust in those companies to keep their children safe, but are they?

Parents, educators, elected officials, clergy, bus drivers and monitors are coming together in the Stand Up for School Bus Safety coalition to raise our concerns about the dangers of Durham a school bus operating under subsidiary names across the United States and make sure a tragic bus accident that led to the loss of six children’s lives in our community of Chattanooga, Tennessee doesn’t happen anywhere else.

Leading up to the accident, complaints from parents and even school officials in our community went unaddressed by Durham. And even in the wake of such tragedy, we believe that Durham has failed to clean up its act. We started in Chattanooga and are expanding our calls to hold Durham accountable in school districts across the country to make sure every American child who rides a school bus is safe.

We are concerned. And every school district that uses Durham buses should be too because Durham’s disregard for bus maintenance, proper training, and safe operations leads to preventable accidents.

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